Creating Drinking Water from Air

Atmospheric water, a modern and ancestral solution

The majority of atmospheric water generators use technology that was invented by W. CARRIER in 1906, it coincides with the birth of modern air conditioning. Our generators use a technical base identical to the generators mentioned above but we have optimized the processes in all the production phases. Initially, our technology was intended and optimized for demanding industrial processes such as aeronautics or aerospace. Our generators have been created to produce water in an economical and ecological way and everything has been thought out to optimize this production. Their simplicity is also their asset since we have only reused ancestral technologies. For example: The air stream that irrigates the exchangers of our generators has the same design philosophy as for Canadian wells. The condenser which regulates the temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant gas has an identical layout and an operating stability found on a cold unit which operates in geothermal energy. Both efficient and rustic, the simplicity of the design of our generators allows them to produce water in a sustainable way even in degraded conditions.

 Why using AQUATETHYS can help.


How It Works

Humidity in the air. Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air. Water vapor, the gaseous state of water is generally invisible to the human eye.
Surrounding air is absorbed and cooled down just under dew point temperature using humidity to produce water. 

AQUATETHYS is a  technology that incorporates patented inventions alongside proprietary trade secrets, making it a one - of – a kind renewable water technology producing free drinking water from the air. Collected water is then mineralised for ideal composition and taste, making premium quality drinking water a readily available resource.