Our patented technology is second to none. Our generator produces pure, natural, potable water with no chemical content. Our water is mineralized and processed for human consumption. Men have since antiquity sought to recover the water contained in the atmosphere. The Incas collected humidity thanks to fog traps made up of large nets which they stretched between two masts. The Persians used towers in terracotta built in such a way as to cause a flow and a natural convection of air from the hot surfaces towards the cold surfaces. And now there's Aquatethys. 

Our Team consists of four entrepreneurs with complementary roles.

Jean the team’s advisor and consultant. He is also the founder of a medical imaging software company, a leader in the sector within Europe. 
Colin Wilcken, is the sales manager and business developer. Born in New York, he is multicultural and speaks several different languages. 
Franck Legras, is a Thermic Engineer by trade and has managed the production facilities of world-known industrial sites in France. Franck also works in pilot programs within the chemical, space and armament industry. He will oversee the concept, design and the implementation of production facilities 
Henning Borgersen,  who is based in Denmark, handles the networking of international distributors and the framework for agreements and joint ventures. 
“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” - Benjamin Franklin