Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make machines that can produce more than 10,000 litres a day?

Can you make machines that produce less than 1,000 litres daily?

How many litres can be stored in the container?

We also need to transfer the water into bottles. Do you have a solution for that?

Is the water quality always the same?

What is the installation procedure? 

What is the life expectancy of the machine?

Please explain what the Guarantee involves?

What kind of energy source can the water generator run on?

What happens if there's a break down?

If we have a request with special requirements, is it possible to customise or change the design?

Can we introduce a unit in to an already existing assembly line producing beverages?

We have a lot of humidity in the air where we work indoors. Can this humid air be used for producing water?

Does the machine always come in a container?

What is the delivery time?

Can we track the machine from our smartphone or laptop?

What about security?

How will the payment be made?