To make pure, clean drinking water accessible to anyone and anywhere in the world.

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Innovating SolutionsProducing water is not our only concern, but how it's produced is just as important.

 Economical Solutions  Energy consumption: between 30 and 100W per liter. < 50W only are needed to produce an abundance of water/daily basis.

Sustainable Solutions  Our patented technology allows us to produce atmospheric water by re-using otherwise wasted energy over and over again. 


Emergency and Support  Aquatethys can be easily transported to any location where water is compromised. Once plugged in, water begins to flow.

Industrial Needs Large amounts of water are needed for all industry. Tap less from below and more from  above! 

Strategic Water Reserves Begin controlling and managing water production for new agricultural and livestock projects. Help sustain livelihood and promote good health. 


Sustainable Business Plans  Manufacturers, Hotels, Schools, Cultural Venues, Sport Arenas and more. Make it happen with your water. 

Remote Locations Projects in remote locations can be a challenge without water or electricity. Aquatethys can help with both.  

Humanitarian AssistanceOur different container sizes allow for easy access to far away places.